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Top 10 Precision Manufacturing Services Companies - 2022

Microscale additive manufacturing is one of the fastest growing areas of research within the additive manufacturing community. However, there are still significant challenges that exist in terms of available materials, resolution, throughput, and ability to fabricate true three-dimensional geometries. These challenges render commercialization of currently available microscale additive manufacturing processes difficult.

When it comes to semiconductor fabrication equipment, such as lithography machines, the hunger for precision does not stop. Greater precision is needed for smaller structures. For example, in integrated circuit production typical layer to layer accuracy (overlay) during fabrication is now at 1.5 nanometres (approximately 1/50,000 of the width of a hair). And the mirrors integrated in the latest generation of lithography machines require form accuracy one hundred times smaller again.

As the targeted precision increases, so too does the skill required to control potential disturbances within the machine. Unwanted temperature gradients, for example, or unintended vibrations at extremely low levels, can have significant impacts on performance and must be managed. As each functional part of a machine becomes more complex, the measurement strategy needed to achieve precision also becomes more challenging. This strategy must take into consideration each of the parts and their interrelationships.

Complex workpieces such as turbine blades, impellors and medical protheses, are typically manufactured on 5-axis machine tools. For machine tool builders and users, it is imperative to reduce geometrical, surface or form errors to a minimum. Machine qualification prevents errors before they occur. Qualification tools must be fast enough to integrate into the production schedule and intelligent enough to measure the full dynamic behaviour of the machine. The latest generation of measurement systems in the field can measure the full accuracy of a machine tool in under a minute. Such tools enable predictive maintenance, which extends the uptime and lifetime of the machine.

In the field of precision engineering, the challenges never stop. Luckily nor does the ingenuity of the engineers who love to meet these challenges!

We present to you, “Top 10 Precision Manufacturing Services Companies - 2022.”

    Top Precision Manufacturing Services Companies

  • KANCA began production of hand tools in the early 1960s as a family owned company with a workforce of just 20. A short time later, as the quality of the products was well accepted by the market, the range expanded to cover a very extensive spectrum of hand tools.

  • Formed in 2014, Precision Machining Group (PMG) specializes in delivering high quality and tight-tolerance precision-machined parts to customers. The company prides itself on being a leading, customer-centric solution provider who offers industry-best services to its OEM clients. Through Six Sigma Disciplines, Lean Principles, and continuous process improvements, it strives to constantly improve quality and delivery to customers. PMG’s prominent position in the industry is the result of its passion for being a Category Of One machining business and is encapsulated by its motto ‘Get Every Part Right.’

  • Auer Precision

    Auer Precision

    Auer skilled team works collaboratively to generate optimal product design for manufacturability, scalability and cost effectiveness. Their specialized products and services include engineering support, precision components, Class-A tool and dies, converting, lamination, and turn-key automated process solutions. Their mission is to extend Auer’s manufacturing leadership in Semiconductor, Medial Diagnostics and other unique industrial applications.

  • Brown Precision

    Brown Precision

    The success of Brown Precision, Inc. has been based on three main principles – Quality, Integrity and Performance. They now offer a variety of metal finishing services from facility in Atmore AL, including titanium and aluminum anodizing. Their mission is to be a world class contract manufacturer, a process-driven company from top to bottom, eliminating customers’ risk by providing 100% on time delivery and uncompromising quality assurance.

  • Carolina Precision Machining

    Carolina Precision Machining

    Carolina Precision Machining is a privately owned and operated company established in 1993. CPM provides precision machine part manufacturing services for aerospace, aviation ,heavy equipment, and technology based manufacturers with a quality management system. Their skilled machinists perform high-precision, close tolerance tooling work including high volume turning and milling. They also perform first article inspection components and prototypes prior to production.

  • Morrissey


    Morrissey has the in-house engineering, tooling and production team in place for the most complex assemblies and fabrications. They offer a range of custom metal working services, and have a long history of partnering with a diverse range of customers across industries on mission critical parts and components.

  • Samax Precision

    Samax Precision

    Samax offers the highest-quality manufacturing solutions at a competitive price, from prototype to production. With 58 years of machining experience and broad industry expertise, they are committed to continuous improvement. They promised to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations for quality, on-time delivery, and service on every project undertake.

  • Swiss Technologies

    Swiss Technologies

    Swiss Technologies, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of precision screw machine parts located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company was created by a team of experienced machining experts totally committed to excellence in quality and service. Their 28,000 square foot facility was designed to deliver the highest quality machine parts with zero defects on time, every time serving a variety of customers in the automotive, medical, electronics, consumer products, and defense industries that need and value a trusted partner.

  • System Components

    System Components

    System Components, Inc are manufactured superior quality gear couplings utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and a highly skilled workforce. They offer their customers years of engineering experience in technical and design assistance, quotations, and field support. They serve many long time customers through ability to custom-modify standard products or custom-engineer a special product to meet specific application requirements. System Components, Inc. believes in partnering with its customers.

  • Vollrath Manufacturing Services

    Vollrath Manufacturing Services

    Vollrath Manufacturing Services uses end-to-end in-house OEM capabilities to help clients outperform the competition. From deep drawing and metal stamping, to materials and product sourcing and even plastics and acrylic manufacturing, they offer a wide array of in-house operations.